When Does Yoga Get Easier?

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Starting a new workout regimen is always difficult, even when you are just starting a yoga practice. Sadly, many people give up yoga when they first start practicing because it’s hard. But it doesn’t always stay this hard, though you can always find ways to up your practice so that you are always improving.

If you feel like maybe Yoga is a bit too hard for you then, you are not alone. Some yoga beginners find yoga to be too challenging with all the balancing and flexibility needs. Others find it simple to strenuous. In this article, we’re going to cover both situations and more.

We’ll share some of our personal experiences and challenges when starting with our own practice. Hopefully, seeing that what you are experiencing isn’t unique will encourage you to stick to your new yoga practice, even when it’s hard. Namaste! 

P.S. If you’re a yoga beginner, you’ve probably already heard some terms in this article that are new to you. Be kind to yourself, and take a few minutes to read this article about 25 yoga terms every beginner should know.

When does yoga get easier?

Does Yoga Get Easier?

Yoga often feels incredibly difficult at the beginning. Not only are you developing balance and flexibility, but you’re also straining muscles in ways that we simply don’t do in everyday life.

Being a yoga beginner is really hard, but it does get easier and quicker than you think.

You will find that yoga gets easier in just a couple of weeks of regular practice. Exactly how long it takes for you to begin seeing advances in balance, flexibility, and strength will depend on how often practice yoga. If you only do yoga once a week, then the time to adapt will be longer. 

We recommend that you set aside at least 10 minutes daily for your yoga practice. Each day’s practice can vary based on how you’re feeling from the previous day’s practice.

Consistent practice will make yoga easier, and faster. We recommend a more challenging practice a minimum of 3 times a week to let your body adapt to the asanas. 

Here’s a link to an article about how long a yoga session should be.

The Charmed Yoga Team

Also, we encourage you to stick to one style of yoga until your body and mind become adapted to it. Each style of yoga presents its own challenges and jumping from one style to the other might make it harder for your body to cope and, therefore, make it take longer for your yoga practice to become easier.

If you’re starting your yoga practice at home using YouTube Yoga Videos, it even makes sense to stick to the same video for the first few days to allow you to become familiar with the poses which is going to make yoga easier for you much faster.

When you start getting bored with that specific practice, it’s time to move on to a new yoga challenge. As yoga becomes easier for you, you’ll be doing a new flow each day…but only if you want to!

We all have flows or YouTube videos that are staples of our practice. Every member of our team who uses YouTube Yoga Videos has a handful of ‘classes’ that they started with as a beginner but still practice because they are comfortable and comforting like a favorite old sweater.

Does yoga get easier?

When Does Yoga Get Less Challenging?

Yoga never ceases to be challenging, there are many asanas and styles to practice. However, as you progress your body becomes more equipped and you gain more confidence to try out other more advanced poses and styles. 

One of our members shared their experience when she first tried out yoga. She felt awkward doing it alone so they opted to attend a hatha yoga class to feel a sense of community. 

But even then, she felt extremely out of her element. Everyone seemed to be doing better than her. She was a sweaty, wobbling mess. 

However, she was also a determined and feisty gal so she stuck with the practice. She also tried to make friends in the classes and in doing so was able to gather tips to improve her balance and stability. 

Most importantly, she just decided to enjoy herself and embrace the bobbles with laughter. She tried her best to not compare herself with others, and instead just compared herself to her last class.

In each class, she found something in her practice that was improving, and little by little the practice became easier.

Yoga at its core aims to connect you to your being. It means for you to be present. It’s hard to do that if you keep on comparing yourself to others. 

”Your body exists in the past and your mind exists in the future. In yoga, they come together in the present.”


P.S. You can find more yoga quotes here.

Trust us when we say it will get easier but for the moment, just enjoy it…and commit to the jog by laughing at the bobbles!

When Does Yoga Get Less Strenuous?

Yoga can be tiring and strenuous but with consistent practice, it becomes less so in a week or two. This time will vary depending on your yoga practice’s style, frequency, and intensity. 

For example, hot yoga can be more strenuous than yoga styles that are done in air-conditioned studios or at home. Hot yoga styles are done in heated and very humid studios. 

Whether you prefer hot yoga or normal yoga, expect some difficulty and a certain level of strenuousness while starting out. After all, you’re asking your body to do things it has never done before!

To make your sessions easier and less strenuous choose practices that are designed for beginners and make sure that you have the right gear to ease uncomfortableness and avoid injury. 

Invest in a quality yoga mat that has enough padding to protect your knees and enough grip to keep you firmly in place so you’re not fighting to not slip while trying to learn to balance in new positions. One of our favorite yoga mats is the Manduka X which you can get on Amazon. This is a TPE Yoga Mat, which is one of the most popular modern materials used in yoga mats.

Yoga blocks are also super helpful when you are struggling as a yoga beginner. Yoga blocks basically move the floor closer to you so when you’re working on your flexibility, you can still have a solid surface to rest your hands. Yoga blocks like these on Amazon will make your new yoga practice less strenuous.

When Does Yoga Stop Hurting (Making You Sore)?

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness or DOMS is the sore feeling you get the day after you’ve trained or exercised. Muscle soreness is common for yoga beginners and is really something that you should embrace. A gentle soreness is telling your body that it needs to get stronger, and as your body repairs, you are getting stronger!

Muscle soreness is natural and all yogis experience it as they practice to advance their yoga skills.

When we exercise muscles of the body that are not often used, this causes micro-tears that cause the soreness that we feel. These micro-tears require a little time to heal. DOMS can last from 2 days up to 5 days. 

As your muscles heal from the micro-tears the soreness goes away and the muscle becomes stronger.

And while we encourage you to associate soreness as a sign of your body changing, please remember that a lack of soreness after a yoga session doesn’t indicate a lack of progress.

In some practices, our muscles have the strength required for the flow, but we are still improving the balance, flexibility, and mental focus required.

Also, be mindful of the kind of pain that you experience during your practice. Soreness is different from the stabbing pain of injury. If you experience a stabbing pain that does not go away, then it might be time to see your doctor as this could be a sign of injury. 

As with all kinds of exercises, it is extremely important that you listen to your body. Do not try to push your body when it is feeling drained and exhausted. This can lead to injury that will not only be painful for you but will set you back in your progress. 


We hope that this article is able to encourage you in your yoga journey. Remember that all things worth doing in life do not come easily, so stay consistent and be proud of your journey! It also never hurts to enjoy yourself along the way! 

We would also love to hear more about your journey, how long did it take for you to adjust to doing yoga? Let us know in the comments below! 

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