The Largest Yoga Mats Available In 2023

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Whether you’re a big person or just like more room to roll while doing yoga, you need a larger yoga mat. In this article, we’ll explore the largest yoga mats on the market. 

In addition to finding the largest yoga mats, we’ve done a deep dive into the thickest yoga mats and even the largest yoga mats of various kinds of yoga mats.

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The Standard Yoga Mat Size

In the United States, the length and width of yoga mats are normally reported in inches while the thickness is reported in millimeters. In most parts of the world, centimeters and millimeters are used. We’ve decided to include both in this article for our yoga friends worldwide.

A standard-sized yoga mat measures 24 inches (60.96 cm) wide and 68 inches (172.72 cm) long. The standard thickness of yoga mats is 1/8 inch (3.175mm).

While these are the dimensions of an average-sized yoga mat, there are variations in size and thickness based on the use of the yoga mat.

Type Of Yoga MatSize In Inches (Length x Width) Size In cm (Length x Width)
Travel Mat68×24173×61
Standard Mat72×26183×66
Short Mat72×24183×61
Long Mat72×32183×80
Professional Mat72×48183×122
Size Of Varies Types Of Yoga Mats

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Best Long Yoga Mats

Standard Thickness Of Yoga Mats

As stated above, the average thickness of yoga mats is 3.175 mm, but yoga mats vary in thickness from 3 mm to 15 mm.

Beginners tend to prefer thicker yoga mats because it provides more cushioning. Some asanas require a person to bear their weight on one side of their body so it’s not unusual for beginner practitioners to feel some temporary soreness as they practice. 

Thicker yoga mats are also beneficial for people who have joint problems. This helps ease the hesitance or apprehension they have that yoga will aggravate their pain and hopefully, ease them into this mindful, therapeutic, and healthy practice. 

However, there are advantages and disadvantages to thinner or thicker yoga mats.

1 mm to 2 mmThese thin yoga mats are often called “Travel Yoga mats”. Because they are so thin, they are very light and portable making them the perfect yoga mats for traveling.Travel-friendly as they do not take up a lot of space. Most of these are also easily foldable and roll up small for easier transportation.Do not provide much cushioning. Practicing on hard floors with these mats can be uncomfortable. 
3 to 5 mm 3 to 5 mm yoga mats are called “StandardYoga Mats”. Thick enough to provide cushioning while still providing good traction and stability. Good cushioning for joints and good stability. Lighter and rolls up smaller than thick(er ) yoga mats.Not recommended for yogis with joint problems/aches or those with sensitive joints. Heavier than thinner yoga mats and not as travel friendly.
6mm Mats that are more than 5mm thick are called “Thick yoga mats”.Perfect for those with sensitive joints or joint problems. These thicker yoga mats provide good cushioning but do not let you sink into the mat which can hurt your stability.These thicker mats are heavy and do not roll up small so storage is more of an issue.
>6mmMats thicker than 6mm are called “extra thick yoga mats”. These are designed for cushioning above all other factors.Are very soft to prevent injury for those with joint issues. Not ideal for dynamic forms of yoga because your body sinks into the mat which makes fluid movement difficult. These are also heavy, roll large, and are not travel-friendly.
Standard Thicknesses of Varies Kinds Of Yoga Mats


Choosing A Size Of Yoga Mat

When choosing what size of a yoga mat to get, we recommend choosing one that is a foot longer than your height so that your entire body fits easily on the mat during your yoga practice. 

For most people, a 5 mm thick yoga mat is a nice compromise between comfort and convenience. If you travel with your yoga mat you might want to choose a thinner yoga mat. If you prefer more comfort, then go thicker.

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The Best Large Yoga Mats Available

We looked at big yoga mats in four different categories and gave you a review of the best in each category. The categories of big yoga mats include Largest, Thickets, Longest, and Widest.

The Largest Yoga Mat Available

Gorilla Mat’s Premium Extra Large Yoga Mat is the largest yoga mat available.

It measures 15 feet by 6 feet and is 8 mm thick.

With this kind of yoga mat, you don’t need any other mats for other kinds of exercises. It is great for yoga and it’s also great for strength training and even cardio! 

This yoga mat comes with a non-stick surface and grippy pads at the bottom to ensure that you are protected no matter what asana you are trying to conquer.

This yoga mat is also perfect for those who have joint problems as it is made to be extra thick measuring 8mm. 

The Thickest Yoga Mat Available

The Gaiam Essential Thick Yoga Mat is the thickest yoga mat available at 10 mm thick.

With 10mm of NBR Foam this yoga mat provides enough cushion to provide wonderful comfort as you ease into the practice of yoga.

It comes in one size, which is the standard size for yoga mats (72×24 inches).

This yoga mat also comes with a carrier strap for portability. Most importantly, this yoga mat comes designed with non-slip ridges to give you traction and stability. 

The Longest Yoga Mat Available

While Gorilla Mats have crazy big yoga mats for most of us they are just too big for our homes, so let’s look at the longest yoga mat within reason.

CAMBIVO Yoga Mat for Men and Women is the largest yoga mat available. It’s 84″ long by 30″ wide and is 6 mm thick.

It has the perfect combination of grip, weight, size, and price makes this yoga mat one of the most popular ones for the larger yogis on the Charmed Yoga Team.

This yoga mat is made from TPE making it one of the most odor-free new yoga mats. It also has a fiber mesh layer on the surface. This surface makes the mat very comfortable, and very durable, but not quite as grippy as working directly on some form of rubber.

Widest Yoga Mat

Gorilla Mats once again wins in this category for the widest yoga mats.

Gorilla mats come in many extra wide sizes and are made of durable materials that make them one of the best health investments you can make. These mats are also known to transform any room to look like a fitness studio because they can cover such a wide space. 

The price point of this yoga mat can be on the expensive side, but with all the comfort and durability that it brings to the practice, this yoga mat’s price gives the best value for money. Also, because of their large size Gorilla mats are not travel-friendly 

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