2022 Best Yoga Towel For Sweaty Hands And Hot Yoga

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You are not the only one who suffers from sweaty hands when doing yoga and we all have sweaty hands when doing hot yoga. Using a yoga towel is the best solution for sweaty hands when you are doing yoga.

With lots of sweat comes lots of slipping. This becomes even more frustrating when you have sweaty hands. Since yoga asanas need your hands and your feet to keep you stable, you need yoga gear that will lend you more traction.

However, not all yoga towels are created equal. If you are doing hot yoga you need the most absorbent yoga towel available.

This article will give take you through all you need to know about yoga towels for sweaty hands and hot yoga. We know that there are a lot of products offered in the market, and we are going to help you sort through the noise.

Best Sweaty Yoga Towel

Hands Sweat During Yoga

A yoga practice is a form of exercise and a good workout will cause most of us to sweat. And let’s be honest, some of us sweat more than others.

Then given the fact that many yoga poses have your hands on the ground, it’s natural that sweat will run down our arms and onto our hands.

Sweaty hands during yoga are a natural condition and nothing to be embarrassed about.

And your hands are going to get even more sweaty when you do hot yoga or Bikram Yoga.

Hot Yoga involves intense yoga sessions that are often held in heated studios. These studios are also very humid. Bikram Yoga is one of the most popular kinds of Hot Yoga. During Bikram Yoga, studios are heated to 105F and the humidity is at 40%.

During a hot yoga class, your hands are going to get really sweaty and a yoga towel is a great solution to ensure that you have the grip required to successfully and safely achieve and hold your yoga pose goals.

P.S. Here is a link to an article for those who already have a yoga towel but find that their yoga towel is slippery.

10 Things To Look For In A Yoga Towel For Sweaty Hands

1. Hand Grip 

The first and probably most important characteristic of a good quality yoga towel for sweaty hands is hand grip. Sweaty hands tend to get sweatier as hot yoga sessions progress and become more intense. Therefore, a good hot yoga towel is a towel that has a good hand surface grip. 

Quality yoga towels are often made of microfiber fabric. Aside from having good traction, microfiber fabrics are also soft and smooth and are also very comfortable to use even during longer yoga sessions. 

2. Absorbancy 

A good sweaty hand yoga towel has to have great absorbency. Some yoga towels are offered for cheap prices but do not offer the same absorbancy that a higher quality yoga towel offers.

You’re looking for a towel that wicks up liquid quickly.

3. Doesn’t Waterlog

You do now not want to invest in a yoga towel that gets waterlogged easily.

Some yoga towels are so thin that even though they might be super absorbent, they just can’t hold much liquid before they are waterlogged (or sweatlogged). For hot yoga you need a yoga towel that will remain absorbant until the very end of your practice.

4. Washability 

We’ve already talked a lot about a good hot yoga towel absorbing sweat, so it should come as not surprise that you’re going to be washing your yoga towel a lot. Most of the people on our yoga team wash their yoga towels after every hot yoga session.

A good sweaty hand yoga towel needs to be machine safe in both its weave and with regards to its dyes so the colors don’t bleed.

And while we all prefer to dry our yoga towels on a clothesline, it’s important that yoga towels be dryer safe so it’s always ready for the next yoga session. 

4. Sustainability 

With just a little effort, you can find yoga towels that are not only high quality but sustainably manufactured.

One of the most common sustainable materials used for hot yoga towels is plastic bottles. Usually, 8 plastic bottles are used to create one durable hot yoga towel. Imagine that, 8 bottles that don’t find their way to our oceans and instead spend their time with you doing yoga.

5. Artistic Design 

Sure there’s nothing wrong with a boring one-color yoga towel, but why choose boring? One of the appeals of favorite yoga gear is that they’re pretty and in some cases, even inspirational.

Yoga towels also come in countless designs and colors. So if you’re a print kind of yoga there is a yoga towel out there that’s perfect for you. 

For yogis who prefer simple and classic designs, don’t worry some hot towels also come in a solid block of colors that fit your needs and we promise that we won’t judge you based on your yoga towel.

6. Underside Grip 

The handgrip is important for stability when you have sweaty hands, but the underside grip cannot be ignored. A quality yoga towel must be able to stay put on top of your yoga mat through even the most strenuous hot yoga session.

Quality yoga towels offer underside grip usually in the form of silicone grips or rubber to keep the towel on top of your yoga mat without moving or bunching up.

7. Thickness 

Yoga towels also offer more cushioning for the joints. Good yoga towels come in different thicknesses that provide varying degrees of padding for absorbency and comfort.

A good thickness of a yoga towel for you is one that makes makes you most comfortable and absorbs your amount of sweat.

8. Enforced Stitching

With regular washing, yoga towels can begin to fray around the edge. Fraying yoga towels quickly become a tripping hazard and decreases their usable life.

Look for hot yoga towels that have rounded and smooth edges. These kinds of yoga towels have enforced stitching that won’t fray as quickly as those with unfinished edges. 

9. Appropriate Size 

A right-sized yoga towel is the same size as your yoga mat or slightly larger. Practicing yoga on a yoga towel that is smaller than your yoga mat will inevitably lead to your hooking the edge of the towel and causing it to bunch up which will bring your flow to a clumsy halt.

The average yoga mat measures 68 x 24 inches and most yoga towels come in this size too. However, yoga mats come in a variety of sizes, so be sure to know the size of your mat before you purchase your yoga towel.

The Best Yoga Towel For Sweaty Hands in 2022. 

As with all of our reviews, our list of the best yoga towels for sweaty hands includes three recommendations so there is one that fits all budgets. We recommend you buy the highest quality that comfortably fits your budget.

The Best Premium Sweaty Hand Yoga Towel in 2022

Yoga Design Lab Hot Yoga Towel

When it fits in our budget, the Yoga Design Lab Hot Yoga Towel is the favorite yoga towel for sweaty hands over everyone on the Charmed Yoga Team. This luxurious hot yoga towel has a suede, microfiber surface that has great absorption and an amazing feel.

This hot yoga towel is one of the most comfortable hot yoga towels in the market. 

These amazing hot yoga towels are made from 100% sustainable materials. They are made from recycled plastic bottles and most of all, it comes in different vibrant colors that do not bleed and therefore retain their vibrancy (and useful life) for a long time. 

This yoga towel’s grip is activated by spraying the surface water or spraying your hands before you begin your practice.

While we love this yoga towel, you need to know that it’s not an inexpensive towel. However, it’s still a yoga towel, so it’s not crazy expensive either.

The Best MidRange Sweaty Hand Yoga Towel in 2022 

Heathyoga Nonslip Hot Yoga Towel

The Heathyoga Nonslip Hot Yoga Towel features beautiful mandala designs yet do not sacrifice quality and grip. It is made from 100% microfiber that is comfortable and absorbent. It also comes in large sizes for larger yogis who need a little more space. 

The Heathyoga Nonslip Hot Yoga Towel is also very washing machine friendly and is quick drying. However, instead of a grippy bottom, the Heathyoga Hot Yoga Towel comes with corner pockets that allow you to hook your towel on your mat. 

Therefore, you must know precisely the size of your yoga mat to ensure that you get a yoga towel that will fit exactly.

This yoga towel is more affordable, costing about half that of the premium option. 

The Best Affordable Hot Yoga Towel in 2022

Sandali Go Sweat Hot Yoga Towel

The Shandali Go Sweat Hot Yoga Towel is a quality yoga towel that is very affordable. Made from microfiber this yoga towel provides you with all the absorption you need to keep dry during the sweatiest of sessions. 

It is also on the thicker side, so it’s perfect for those who need extra cushioning for their joints. Not only is the Shandali Go Sweat Hot Yoga towel an amazing value, but it is also a scene-stealer. 

The Shandali Go Sweat Hot Yoga Towel comes in different solid vibrant colors that are washing machine friendly and come with the assurance that its dyes don’t bleed in the wash. However, while the Shandali provided good absorption and surface group it does not come with a grippy bottom. So you might need to moisten your yoga mat with a spray bottle of water before placing this yoga towel to keep it from slipping or bunching up.

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