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Yoga is an ancient practice that has never lost its appeal and is only growing more popular in modern times. It involves mental, spiritual, and physical poses that enhance the mind, body, and soul connection. By practicing yoga, one is put on track to have a more holistic journey towards health. One that emphasizes not just a healthy body, but a calm mind and a peaceful heart. 

Charmed Yoga is a diverse team of yoga enthusiasts who each bring their own yoga experience to the articles and resources found here. Most of our team members are not yoga teachers or gurus. Instead, we’re simply people like you who have found that maintaining a yoga practice makes our lives better.

The Charmed Yoga team believes that a right-sized yoga practice is a blessing that will manifest in better health both physically and mentally.

As a team, we focus on making yoga accessible to everyone, regardless of age, sex, fitness level, on their environment.