The Fourth Limb of Yoga: Just Breathe

So true my friend.

Amber Barry

just_breathe_by_xhypnotizeWhat are the two words we hear most often, when we are in pain? When we can’t stop crying, when we are overly anxious, or we just can’t seem to get our act together?

Just breathe. 

And it works, every time, doesn’t it? Controlling our breath balances our autonomic nervous system and removes toxins from our bodies. This is why a few deep breaths can drastically change how we feel.

The fourth limb (discipline) of yoga, known as pranayama, teaches us to cultivate awareness of our breathing as much as possible, to improve our concentration, and nourish our bodies with healing energy.

The Yoga Sutras tells us that:

“The fourth of the eight rungs of Yoga is Pranayama, which is regulating the breath so as to make it slow and subtle, leading to the experience of the steady flow of energy (prana), which is beyond or underneath exhalation, inhalation, and the transitions…

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