Even nonaction has its consequences

Amanda Green YOGA


“Prana” posted a really good question on last week’s blog.  Something like–What happens if you are on the receiving end of actions by someone who has a penchant for being agreeable and also prefers to avoid confrontation or action? I’d have to say, there must be times that it is really nice and times that it probably sucks.  Because I’ve been on both sides of the matter, I’ll imagine I’m in a relationship with myself… Say some change of plans comes up for the Amandas– highly inconvenient.  Amanda-1 really doesn’t want to deal with it but she takes a pause and a deep breath and decides she’ll do it with a smile.  So nice for Amanda-2.  Then, a relationship issue arises.  On one day, Amanda-1 is in the agreeable/avoidance-type-mood and she responds to the thing as if it’s all going to work out and there’s no problem.  She really wants…

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