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Amanda Green YOGA


Yoga Sutra 1.17

vitarka vicara ananda asmitarupa anutamat smprajnatah.

I was driving around the other day wondering why Dave is so nice to me.  We were married for a while, had two kids, split and now we are dating again and it is going really well.  Over the latest months of dating, I am slowly wanting to make more space for him in my life.  I’m opening to him again, gradually, and even though it has been scary and I have felt some old hard feelings come up along the way, it is actually working.  We are working.  Some of those old, less-functional patterns we used to operate under don’t have such a strong hold over us and we are creating new ways of being together.  It can be so lovely and beautiful in these moments. Truly. But as is the case in life, the work isn’t ever actually over…

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