Custom Built Chik's

Namaste: The Spirit within me recognizes and honors the Spirit within you.

Our meeting on Tuesday, February 12 started with the topic of Super Foods. With Valentine’s day glaring at us from just around the corner, we all need to figure out ways to have healthy foods so as not to indulge on too much candy, too rich a dinner or too much alcohol in celebration of love. Mary Anne brought several super foods for the chiks to sample that bear the color of love and have some outstanding health benefits.

Radishes – These rosy roots offer a spicy crunch and can be used in recipes as a substitute for starchy potatoes. They offer fiber, help decrease colon cancer and can give you 14% of your daily value of vitamin C.

Tomatoes – These small, sweet jewels of vegetable (or fruit, depending on your sway) deliciousness contain lycopene, which helps…

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