The Calm Monkey

We all do it, and probably most of the time, whether we’d like to admit it or not.  We put on a good show to the world, that’s not really our true selves.

Maybe we do this because:

  • we think that’s the role in life we think we should be playing – a responsible parent who needs take care of the family, a  consultant who feels they had better appear that they always know more than their clients, the ‘positive’ friend who always holds up everyone else, or the ‘good’ daughter who can’t do any wrong.
  • we’re unsatisfied with our image of ourselves
  • we want people to see us in a particular way
  • we are hurting or unhappy, and just don’t want people to know
  • we need to cover up what is bothering us or what we would rather not face.

There are countless reasons and we’re all unique, and…

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