Yoga for skiers

ski yoga

Whether you’re a skier, snowboarder, ice skater or maybe even just a snow bunny, Starre Vartan found some great tips on how to protect your body from injury and recover with yoga after hitting the slopes.

Skiing places unique demands on the body.  If you’re a once-in-a-while warrior, you really want to be smart about warming up the body and taking it slow at first.  Even if you’re a regular Sean Pettit, yoga strengthening and stretching can help protect these key muscle groups:

  • Core muscles – transverse abdominus, multifidus and obliques are your steering committee. They keep you on your skis while you’re twisting and turning down the slopes.
  • Feet & Ankles – They take the pressure, are responsible for navigating the skis themselves, and start your rotational movements.
  • Glutes – If you’ve ever skied you’ve felt these muscles after a day in powder.  These are your foundational muscles that act as stabilizers and assist in flexion and extension.
  • Knees  – These are your shock absorbers. They also do tons of flexing and extending, so it’s crucial to build strong yet supple muscles surrounding this large joint.

Check out Starre’s full article on MNN which includes an amazing video from  Sarah Kline with Olympic ski racer Resi Stiegler and professional snowboarder Rob Kingwill.

Before you hit the slopes, hit the mat.


– Your Charmed Yogi

(Photo: The Bunny Slope)

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