Life is

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Every time I see the cute “Life is Good” shirts and hats, I kinda want to go erase the “good” part off. Not because I’m a pessimist, but because we tend to be attached to labels like “good and bad” often at the expense of our peace and joy. We tend to pass value judgements on ourselves based on perceptions, not reality, which can leave us feeling guilty or anxious. Reality is not perception, reality is not good or bad, it just is what it is.

Seems like a harsh leap right? Bad things happen don’t they?

I’ve dealt with my share of what people may describe as “bad things”, we all have. But, the labels “good” and “bad” limit perspective and are only relative truths.

I believe that this is not the only life we get. It’s a pixel of a grander HD picture. It helps me to come to peace with some of the things that happen throughout this life and accept that life just is.

Does that mean that I don’t ever cry or get upset or feel guilty? No, in fact, I often cry often. I cry at beauty and acts of kindness. I cry when I see suffering. But I try to remain present and accept the emotions and sensations themselves without attributing a thought judgement. I try not to get caught up in the tears or emotions that come with the toxic story the mind can create.

The 12 steps to addiction recovery are poignant and soothing whether you’re an addict or not, particularly steps 1 (Admit Powerlessness) and 3 (Surrender). When you realize (outside of the tasks and responsibilities you have as an inhabitant in the world) that you truly have no control and surrender to it, illusion fades away and peace nestles in.


– Your Charmed Yogi

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