I love the beautiful honesty of this post.

The Calm Monkey

We all go through it. We all have tough times in our lives.  Whether it is a short-term or chronic situation, a lifeless marriage, loneliness, grief, or a health condition that plagues us – we all need to face interacting with our daily lives and other humans around us.

We put on a facade, a brave face. We feel we need to be strong. We feel we ‘should’ think positively.

What I have learned through my divorce and recent cancer journey is an important lesson:

That we are human and we wouldn’t be human without emotions. We must allow ourselves the ups and downs, and release the energy that builds up inside of us. It’s not only OK to do this, it’s healthy to do this.

The hard reality is we all have a persona we want to project to the world. Likely that persona does not include showing when…

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