The Ultimate Yoga Playlist

I’ve always loved music.  Music of all kinds, except country really (sorry Toby Keith).  I remember spending hours as a teenager laying on my floor listening to an alternative ‘new wave’ radio station in Pittsburgh, WXXP and lose track of time listening to the latest Depeche Mode or Echo and the Bunnymen song.  As I grew older I developed an even broader taste for tunes; from classical and new age to hip hop and dance.   So, as a yoga teacher, my playlists are an extension of myself.   Even though I don’t typically plan classes because everyone’s needs change on any given day, I do create class ‘soundtracks’ to help set the tone and flow of the class.

My playlists range from traditional yoga music to modern mixes, but I thought I’d share one of my favorites with you that I’ve used in aerial yoga classes, mat classes and workshops.  Enjoy my Ultimate Yoga Playlist on Spotify.  In case you can’t access it, here’s a screen shot to build your own.

yoga playlist

What’s in your ultimate yoga playlist?


– Your Charmed Yogi

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