Yoga tools for prop junkies

yoga props

The best thing about yoga is you don’t need any fancy tools to do it.  In fact, you don’t really even need a mat.   Some people do naked yoga (really), others do it in a $400 outfit.

That being said, I’m a prop junkie.  There I’ve admitted it.  I have a bolster for restorative yoga, several blocks and straps, an eye pillow and a few different mats I’ve tested out over the years.

Even if you’re looking to incorporate some restorative yoga poses into your practice, you don’t have to buy an expensive bolster — a blanket and towels will do.  However, if you are a fan of props; blocks, sandbags and grippy socks can help you focus on your practice or make it more portable.

Eco-chick, Starre Vartan looks at a few cool tools to add to your collection if you’re a prop junkie on MNN.

Are you a prop junkie?  What must have yoga tools are your bag, baby?

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(Photo: Yoga Lifestyle)


6 thoughts on “Yoga tools for prop junkies

  1. I’m mainly in the old-blankets-and-2nd-hand-foam-blocks-plus-one-mat-I’ve-had-for
    -20 years school… but I confess to LOVING the wooden kneeling meditation stool and stripey half-moon cushion that my parents gave me in the last few years for my birthdays. They’re beautiful to look at and a pleasure to use (note that I couldn’t bring myself directly to spend so much on a cushion and a stool, had to hint they’d be welcome presents!).

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