Yoga with your face or on your desk?

woman doing yoga on desk

Several news-worthy yoga stories came out yesterday that are worth sharing (if you didn’t see them already).  Whether you’re in the boardroom or the bathroom mirror, it seems yoga is everywhere and research shows that it keeps you healthy and young.

Workplace Yoga

A new study shows that yoga may supply a ‘a time-effective, convenient and practical method’ for maintaining employee health.   If you’re stressed at work, a little yoga on your lunch break might just help. A new study from the United Kingdom suggests yoga done at work can reduce stress levels and lower back pain.

The study involved 74 British government workers ages 25 to 64 who said they experienced stress and back pain that was somewhat bothersome. Participants were randomly assigned to practice either eight weeks of yoga, or no yoga.  Read the full story, “Yoga at work may help ease stress and back pain,” on MNN.

Facial Yoga

While the concept of facial poses in yoga isn’t know (think Lion pose), Ranjana Khan, a jewelry designer, has introduced a yoga video online that includes 14 yoga exercises for the face that increase blood flow and skin firmness.  While it may seem unlikely that extreme facial contortions might prevent aging, rather than cause wrinkles, doctors say there is some evidence they do make the skin look better.  Read the full article, “Devoted to Facial Yoga (Don’t try this in public)” on a NY Time blog.

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2 thoughts on “Yoga with your face or on your desk?

  1. I love that our office building offers yoga class twice a week at lunch. Even better than going back to work all relaxed and limber are the views of the mountains from the 43rd floor while we practice. It’s my favorite time of the week for sure!

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