Finding the right yoga teacher


One size doesn’t necessarily fit all when it comes to finding a yoga teacher that fits your style and personality.  Like finding a therapist, stylist, or even a church, sometimes you have to date around.   You may find yourself gravitating toward a teacher that has a similar personality, but maybe it’s worth trying the teacher that challenges you.

Starre Vartan, the Eco-chick has a few ways you can empower yourself to find the right teacher for you.  She’s been taught by young yoga teachers and much older ones; she’s had gay and straight women and guys teach yoga classes she’s taken, and teachers of various nationalities and experience levels. And she’s gone to classes with “world famous” yogis who have video series, and those who have taught for 30 years without much acclaim. And she’s here to tell you that what you like in a yoga teacher is almost as individual and unique to you as those you choose as your friends.  Read the full story, ‘How to find the right yoga teacher for you’ on MNN.

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