10 ways to celebrate National Yoga Month

yoga class

September is the official National Yoga Month, a national observance designated by the Department of Health and Human Services coordinated by The Yoga Health Foundation. This month-long celebration of yoga encourages teachers to offer free community yoga events and classes. Individuals new to yoga can try a free week of yoga classes at studios across the country by printing a One Week Free Yoga card from the website.  So, if you’ve been hesitant about trying yoga and you’ve used the excuse, “it’s too expensive,” now’s your chance to try it on for size…for free.

If you’re already a dedicated yogi, there are still awesome ways to celebrate.  Here are 10 ways to celebrate National Yoga Month:

  1. Take advantage of the One Week Free Yoga pass to discover new studios or styles of yoga
  2. Ramp up your Karma Yoga by giving back (volunteer, donate, help clean up your favorite studio)
  3. Sign up a friend for a free pass and help be their champion to give yoga a try
  4. If you’re a teacher, offer to teach donation classes or community classes to encourage new students to test the yoga waters
  5. Plan a trip to volunteer at an Eco Yoga Ashram
  6. Go to a Kirtan or two
  7. Ramp up your meditation practice, get up 15 minutes earlier each day and dedicate time for stillness
  8. Go veggie for a month
  9. Practice non-violence in thought, speech and action (and let go of self-judgement if you ‘slip’)
  10. Turn off the TV and read (try it for a week at least)

National Yoga Month is a great opportunity to honor why we began yoga in the first place by reinventing our practice.  Will you be on the mat this month?



– Your Charmed Yogi


(Photo: YogaFitnessCoach)





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