Own fear like a piglet in boots

piglet in boots

As is often the case, I tend to write about what I’m personally working on on any given day- be it a certain yoga pose, practicing patience, or managing anxiety. So, I was scouring the internet looking for a beautifully crafted quote about fighting fear that I could use as a starting point for my post. I thought maybe I’d find a photo of a beautiful woman standing at the edge of a cliff or something equally as romantic. Instead, I found this picture of a piglet in boots. But what’s more fascinating is the real story behind the picture.

I came across a story in the Daily Mail out of the UK from 2008. It’s a story about Cinders, a pig with mysophobia – a fear of dirt. Her owners discovered that, upon arrival to the farm, Cinders did not want to step hoof in the mud. Her brothers and sisters were as happy as pigs in…well, you know. But, not Cinders.

Her owners, the Keebles, decided to try putting the tiny boots they used as pencil holders, on Cinders’ feet, and it worked. With a little support and ingenuity from her family, this little piggy went wee wee wee all the way home through the mud that once terrified her. Awesome.

piglet in boots running

I can’t think of a better model for working with what you have to overcome fear, than this perfect little porcine princess of panic and her courage. As we embark on our journeys in dealing with fear, anxiety or worry, let’s embrace our inner piglet.

Before you leave your house tomorrow, envision yourself pulling on your wellies of courage to stomp on the path before you, wherever it leads.


– Your Charmed Piggy

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