Cup of light – a guided meditation

cup of light

There are as many ways to meditate as there are breaths.   There’s walking meditation, sitting meditation, transcendental meditation, journey meditation, vibrational meditation, body scan meditation, guided meditation, and the list goes on.  In fact, these are just the types of meditations spiritualists have given a nomenclature.  There are probably infinite meditation experiences, and everyone’s experiences with meditation are as unique as their DNA.  My regular meditation practices tends to include transcendental meditation and body scan meditation.  However, sometimes guided meditation can help an otherwise insatiable  mind focus it’s energy on something else.

Here’s a guided meditation I created for times when I need healing of any kind. It often helps to record or have someone else record the instructions for a guided meditation so you can relax and just go along for the ride.

Cup of Light

First, find a comfortable seated position.  If you’re new to meditation, it helps to have a back support.  Try to minimize any distraction that may be caused by discomfort in the body.

If you tend to distract easily, close the door to the room you’re in, draw the shades and turn off any light except for perhaps a single candle.

Now, take a couple of slow, deep breaths starting with the belly.  Inflate the belly.  Feel the air fill the belly, and rise up to expand the ribs, the chest and the shoulders.  Pause for a second, and release the breath slowly in reverse. Exhale all of the stale air out of the belly before taking another inhale.  Take 3 or 4 of these slow, deliberate, soothing breaths. 

Now, try the process in reverse to further  bring you into a calmed state.  Take a nice deep inhale and pause, then slowly release the shoulders, the chest and the belly and pause.  Again, take about 3 of these calming breaths.

Now, let your breathing come back to normal.  Without controlling the breath, notice that your breath becomes slow and effortless.

Imagine you’re sitting on the floor in an empty room.   The room is dark, except for a subtle halo around you.  There’s nothing around you but space.  The temperature is perfect, and you feel extremely relaxed and comfortable.

Gentle breath flows in and out.

Imagine a light in front of you shining from above.  Like morning rays of sunlight, it casts it’s light upon a cup.  Feel the smooth texture of the porcelain cup.   

 See the light begin to pour in like sunshine breaking through the clouds on a rainy day.  The light begins to fill the cup.  The cup is small, but it continues to take in the light without spilling over.   Now, bring the cup to your lips and drink in the light.  Feel the healing light fill your heart, and move through the rest of your body until you become a shining beacon of light.

Gentle breath flows in and out.

Feel yourself radiating loving, healing light, and illuminating the dark space around you until you, the space, and the cup become one.

[sit with this sensation for a few minutes]

Now, slowly let your focus come back to your breath. Gently deepen your breath and begin to bring your awareness back to the room you’re physically sitting in.  

Bring your right hand to your heart, and your left hand over your right hand and feel that you brought the light with you, the light that is always inside you.  You can access this healing, loving light whenever and wherever you are.  You exude light everywhere you go.

Gentle breath flows in and out.

Now, bring your hands together and rub them vigorously to make some heat.  Cup your warm hands over your eyes, and softly run your fingers down your face.

Gently begin to blink your eyes open, keeping your gaze downcast for a moment. 

Slowly, open your eyes.  Carry the light with you always.

You can incorporate this guided meditation into your practice anytime you need healing, or feel like you need to recharge your energetic battery.

The light in me, honors the light in you.


– Your Charmed Yogi

Photos: Mendhak on Flickr




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