Meditation Induces Positive Structural Brain Changes

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Medscape Medical News

” June 18, 2012 — Integrative body-mind training (IBMT), a type of Chinese mindfulness meditation, may induce positive structural changes in the brain’s white matter, new research suggests.”

This article makes us aware of several scientific studies which have analysed  and, with the aid of modern technology, have located specific positive changes on the brain of those people practicing IBMT.

” Results showed that mood states were improved as early as 2 weeks after starting IBMT. This included a significant reduction in anger-hostility, depression-dejection, fatigue-inertia, confusion-bewilderment, and total mood disturbance.”

Hypnosis is a state of modified consciousness achieved through visualisation, progressive relaxation and focussing on a choice of modalities personalised for each individual in order to trigger the desired altered state. Hypnotherapy has been observed to produce similar mood improvements to those described above, achieved through IBMT.


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