Yoga for Householders

Great reminders that yoga can be everywhere.

Free Hug Yoga


We don’t need to leave for Himalayas or hurry up in yoga studio to practice. Yoga as a practice is an everyday adventure, and we can practice at any moment just by being present and aware.

Often, the yoga is perceived as a physical activity and sweating on our mat. Many of us feel frustrated with lack of time and lack of “practice”. As mothers, fathers, householders, we are pulled between our desire for yoga and our duty towards family, our work and society we are living in.

I struggled myself for longtime, till finally understand that yoga practice does NOT mean to exercise in yoga studio. It means whole lifestyle, and as much as asana practice is necessary part of yoga, it is not all.

So how to practice when we are trying to balance it all?


1. Be aware, stay fully present whatever you do


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