There are more ways to talk about letting go than there are breaths of life. I love this post from the blog, “this dynamic life…”


Have you ever thought midday at work, in the middle of a yoga class , or even at the gym, “why am I so drained?” and cannot answer the question based on the things you’ve done. It could be the unconscious energy drain. How can you find grace instead of forcing things to happen?

When you’re intensely doing or trying something, even when you’re trying to sleep (!), you could be tightening so much that you’re resisting the natural energy flow. Instead of flow and softness of being, you wind yourself up, often preventing the thing you’re trying to achieve.

Great examples of this are Tiger Woods or Michael Jordan playing their respective sports. They don’t look like they’re trying too hard, right? They make golf and basketball look effortless. This is the same idea. Whatever you’re doing, can you make it this graceful?

When teaching a yoga class, I…

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